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Mallards and More!!!

For hunting aficionados, Marc raises 5000 mallard ducks per year, ensuring hunters are always shooting “hot” guns, plus a limit on every outing. These mallards never leave the premises, so if you miss, chances are they'll be back in a short period, or a new flock will be heading your way. According to Marc, “Calling these ducks to decoys is as simple as getting a well-trained retriever to fetch.” The hunt is over at 9 a.m., with breakfast immediately. Marc supplies the dogs, so all you need is a hearty appetite, plus guns and shells.

How about pheasant and quail? Marc also raises these on the premises as well.

Want to do a triple, mallards, pheasant and quail all in one day.

Mallard Shoot - $225 per man, 6 duck limit, 4 mallards, plus two bonus ducks.

Pheasant Shoot - $250 per man, 10 bird limit

Quail Shoot - $250 per man, 30 bird limit.

Three Bird Shoot (6 mallard, 10 pheasant, 30 quail) - $600 per man.