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Marc Deschenes Videos

Not only does VIP offer great service and a fabulous fishery, now you can learn even if you can't make the trip. Visit VIP's Facebook page and see videos from Marc! After watching, a trip will definitely be in the cards.

Fall Action Getting Hot

The weather has cooled which is sending the water temperature plummeting into the 70's. Do you know what that translates too? It means the shad are schooling up into tight pods. Tight pods means easy picking for largemouths. This past weekend, anglers had a blast using crankbaits, soft plastics and topwaters! Come on down, the action is HOT!

VIP Spring Slam

This past weekend, VIP hosted their annual Spring Slam. The field was tough but in the end Zan and Lex Costas took 1st place with a bag of 39 pounds. The winning weight was worth a cool $2475. In second place was Ryan Bowles and "Dinger" with a 36-pound bag. Below is Zan... cashing in!

KBF Shootout at VIP

The KBF Sunday Shoot Out was held at VIP Adventures on March 16, 2014. For 19 kayakers, the day saw rain and a cool 55-degree air temp, making for less then perfect conditions. With four prizes within casting distance, the field headed out into Alligator Forest, the largest of the VIP lakes.
Cecil's winning 7.9-pound bass

On the day, the 19 anglers landed 150 bass, with First place going to Cecil Wolf and his 7.9 pounder, good enough for $500 and a $1,200 Wilderness Kayak.
The second place angler was Troy Meyerhoffer with a 7.1 pound bass for $498. Landing in third place was John Chapman, Jr. with a 6.3 pounder for $285, while Cory Dreyer was 4th with a 4.6 pounder worth $100.
The fish were caught on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, Senkos and Texas rigged lizards. It was a full moon, which produced a bank bite for about half the fish, while the remaining were in the mid-lake region. According to Marc, "The first wave of fish are spawning right now, withthe coming full moon expecting to bring the rest to the beds." Quite frankly, if you like bass action, booking a trip now would be a smart move.

Kayak Bass World Championship at VIP

VIP Adventures not only utilizes professional bass boats, but also plays host to kayak tournaments and more. Do you want to hold a tournament on VIP? If so, click Tournament

Berkley Marine Open on Santee Cooper

Marc Deschenes and his partner Ray Walsh fished the Berkeley Marine Open on March 1-2 on Santee Cooper. According to Marc, the water temperature was 48 degrees, with bluebird skies.
VIP at BassPro

While using deep running crankbaits and spinnerbaits in 12 to 15-feet of water, they had three fish weighing a total of 20 pounds, 9 ounces, which landed them in third place.
The tourney, which was fished under light northwest winds and clear visibility played into Marc and Ray's hands as these are typical conditions that the lakes on VIP offer on almost a daily basis.
(Photo) Two of the three lunkers, one of which weighed 9.32 pounds.
The guys will be fishing the Rayovac on Santee Cooper, and with any luck will once again land in the top tier of the tourney.
Marc stated, "On Thursday morning we have another severe cold front coming through. The fish that are trying to come to the hill will be stopped by the cold front and the dropping water levels." Marc will be looking for five solid bites, with hopes of topping the field.
The winning weight of 22 pounds at the Berkley Open was caught by Lex Costas and his son.

Grand Lake to Open January 2014

Versatility will be the game come January 2014 as VIP proudly announces the opening of another set of lakes. This time we have put together a series of five, 30-acre lakes to compose Grand Lake. Grand Lake was made possible by breaching five dikes, making it possible to fish the different areas on any given outing. Each lake has it's own personality! Two will range in water depth from 2 to 7 feet, while the remaining three will be 5 to 16 feet.
All five bodies of water were stocked two years ago with largemouths from 2 to 10 pounds. The stocking will ensure a healthy base, and a healthy stock for years to come. There is approximately 60 homemade brush piles in each lake, with rockpiles on the way as well. As the lakes are still young, grass is at a minimum, but will grow fast in the coming years. For forage, the lakes have also been stocked with threadfin shad and crayfish.
The lakes are set to open on January 19th with an inaugural tournament.
For more information, call now! (843) 708-5473


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Iaconelli, Klein and Lane Fish VIP

VIP Adventures is not just for the weekend angler, BASS Professionals loved it, and scored big time. Mike Iaconelli, Gary Klein and Bobby Lane visited VIP this past year for an in depth look at what Mark has built for the "everyday angler."
For more on this great fishery, and to see how the pros faired, visit Mike Pehanich's Small Waters Fishing and check out the Lake Management and Small Waters Fishing links.

Alligator Forest, Lily Pad, Brush Pile and Winding lakes are primed for a banner fishing season. After an electro-shock of the lake, Marc has determined there is an ample supply of threadfin shad and brim, plus some really large bass lurking the waters. All brush piles have been "sweetened" with added brush for increased ambush points for lunkers to hide and wait.

VIP at BassPro

And, lakes Gauntlet and Paradise are open and ready to go. In fact, Berkley Pro Staff Member Gary Klein headed to VIP with Bass Master Magazines Senior Editor Ken Duke. Their goal was to cover Gary's belief that you can catch more fish on any bait in your box, during anytime of the season, providing you master the art of changing direction. For more on direction, check out the article in the November 2011 edition of Bass Master Magazine titled, "Direction, Direction, Direction," by Ken Duke/Senior Editor. Gary picked apart various VIP lakes with good results.

Gauntlet and Paradise, which are approximately seven years old have been groomed with over 300 brush piles, and bait in the form of gizzard shad, threadfin shad and brim. The lakes, although not officially stocked have had numerous bass of all sizes added the last two years from various parts of South Carolina. An electro-shocking showed a healthy amount of bait, plus a strong showing of bass.

V.I.P. Adventures

We invite you to enjoy the best largemouth bass fishing in the Southeast on six private lakes. The lakes are located in picturesque Summerville, SC. Marc Deschenes, owner and Master Guide, has been guiding for over 25 years. Marc also runs the professional BASS circuit participating in events throughout the country. Marc started V.I.P. in the interest of bringing a unique fishing experience to all types of anglers - novice and expert. His vast knowledge of the sport makes him one of the elite guides in the Southeast. V.I.P. has become one of the premiere outfitters, which has been featured on TV - The Outdoor Life Network, ESPY Outdoors and The Outdoor Channel. V.I.P.'s professionalism and hospitality in the guide business is an adventure all anglers should experience. The memories will last a lifetime.

Not a fisherman? V.I.P. offers exclusive duck hunts within the confines of the five lakes. Duck hunting is space-limited, and offered every Wednesday and Saturday between mid November and end of January.